Update 1.2.1 and Winter Sale!

Greetings, fellow Pyromancers!

We have just released Update 1.2.1, which brings improvements to the networked multiplayer experience. Setting up a local network game has become a lot easier, minor bugs have been fixed and a few smaller features have been added, such as the possibility to remove a player from your hosted game.
We hope you'll enjoy this update! And we're not done yet. For the next updates we're planning to add more features to the network game and performance improvements. We're also planning to port the game to mobile devices.

In other news, we are running a little sale for the holiday season. So if you enjoyed our free demo, why not treat yourself to the full game with more arenas, more bosses, spells and networked multiplayer gaming?

Happy holidays,


Master Pyrox for Windows 94 MB
Version 1.2.1 96 days ago
Master Pyrox for Linux 110 MB
Version 1.2.1 96 days ago

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