Master Pyrox 1.3.0 released!

Greetings, fellow Pyromancers!

We have a big new update for you, including new features, improvements to the multiplayer game, performance improvements and bugfixes. Here's a list of the most important changes:


  • UPnP support: Will take care of port mapping and make establishing a network connection much easier.
  • A new chat window for the network lobby.
  • A new"Trophies" window that displays your achievements.
  • Vibration feedback for gamepads that support it.


  • Updated the design of some arenas, including colours and lights.
  • Optimised textures, materials and effects for better performance.
  • Fixed occasional stuttering when new objects appear on the screen.
  • Updated to Godot Engine 3.1.


  • Attacking a wizard who is casting a spell.
  • Master Pyrox using teleporters.
  • Master Pyrox using the shield power up.
  • Fixed a few glitches and clipping errors.


Master Pyrox for Windows 89 MB
Version 1.3.0 Mar 25, 2019
Master Pyrox for Linux 106 MB
Version 1.3.0 Mar 25, 2019

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